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Quiet Eye Images

"There is nothing so silent as that which is taken for granted"

Max van Manen

All of us can recall moments when we have done some equivalent of ‘stopping and smelling the roses’ – and the refreshment that comes from a brief pause in our day.

Mostly, we look to nature for this refreshment – a sunset, an old tree, perhaps even watching a small animal or insect going about its day.

What most of us don’t experience, however, is that these moments of refreshment can be found within ordinary things that we perceive on the periphery of our awareness. They lie silent, some would say, ‘waiting to be noticed’.

It is my hope that these images of Quiet Eye Reflections may highlight the beauty in the ordinary and the unnoticed and invite a moment to pause in wonder and delight.


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Sharon Driscoll:
All images © Sharon Driscoll 2011. All rights reserved.
Not to be used without permission.